Asheville Hostel & Guest House

Terms accepted by reserving Guest


Deposits & payments are non-refundable
10% deposit to reserve more than 5 days in advance
100% payment to reserve less than 5 days in advance
Bank account must be in the guest's name who is staying
(No one else can reserve for you)

Cancellation policy (avhostel.com only)

Let us know immediately if you need to cancel or adjust your reservation
Cancel 5 or more days in advance for no charge beyond the deposit
Move or adjust reservation 5 or more days in advance
A cancellation of 4 days in advance: first night billed
A cancellation of 2 days in advance: first two nights billed
The person who made the reservation is responsible for canceling
Deposit can be reused for future reservation if canceled 5 or more days in advance

Number of guests per room

1 to 2 guests per room/ reservation only
Only reserved guests are permitted on our property
Please check both guests in together (You can not check in for anyone else)
Don't show up with extra people

Number of rooms per night

We do not accept groups
One room per reservation only
The person reserving must occupy the reserved room
(You can't reserve for someone other than 2nd guest)

Length of stay

2+ night minimum
1 week maximum stay per month


Asheville residents within 70 mile radius are not permitted on our property
If you know or meet someone while in town, go to where they are staying

Pets & animals

We do not accept pets or animals due to people with allergies, the unpredictability & many other reasons

We reserve the right to refuse anyone to stay without reason or refund