Asheville Hostel & Guest House

Terms accepted by reserving Guest
Updated: June 5 2021 (May be outdated in relation to your reservation)


Deposits & payments are non-refundable
The bank card used to reserve must be in the guest's name
You must occupy the room that you are reserving

Changing Dates

Change or adjust dates as far in advance of your arrival, as those dates will likely fill
If we are not full for any of the dates you have reserved, we will move your dates once prior to your arrival date

Cancellation policy (avhostel.com only)

10% non-refundable deposit to make a reservation more than 7 days in advance
100% non-refundable payment is due 7 days in advance of the arrival
The person who made the reservation is responsible for canceling

Who CAN NOT stay with us?

    Staying Guest:
  • Must pay with a bank card in their own name
  • Must not be a local or live within 75 miles of Asheville
  • Must have a state issued ID
  • Must make the reservation themselves (person reserving must occupy the room)

Pets & animals

We do not accept pets or animals due to people with allergies, the unpredictability & many other reasons

Number of guests per room

Sleeps 1 = Max 1 Guest
Sleeps 2 = Max 2 Guests
Only reserved & check-in guests are permitted inside our property

Number of items/ rooms per night

1 room per reservation per night
Our shared living space is perfect for 2 guests or less

Length of stay

Two night minimum is common for weekends
Three night minimum for labor & memorial day weekends
Maximum stay of one week is common for some items/ rooms

Locals / Visitors

Asheville residents within 70 mile radius are not permitted inside our property
If you know or meet someone while in town, go to where they are staying

Age Range

Although we are a Youth Hostel, we accept all ages

We reserve the right to refuse anyone to stay without reason or refund