Asheville Hostel & Guest House


Downtown private room youth hostel since 2004
Designed for young international travelers
Affordable lodging priced for 2 guests
No shared dorm rooms or bunks
2 to 7 nights stay


Keyed private bedrooms
Shared lockable bathrooms
Two shared bedroom types, multiples of each type
Choose between:
2 Twin sized single beds
or 1 Queen bed
If you don't see the option that you prefer, leave a comment in the notes section of your reservation


Having mostly two guests dictates our feel
Our pairs of guests typically check in and then walk downtown
Guests don't tend to hang out much, possibly in the front yard from time to time
Guests commonly mention having the house to themselves
Which is good for sleeping, but may mean less social interaction than commonly found at other Hostels


The house was built in 1916
Hardwood floors that are perpetually mopped
Sound can carry through the house so we accommodate for that
We sell sleep, so this reality has a lot to do with how we are set up
Every bedroom has an AC unit when it's hot out controlled by the guest.
Heat is centrally controlled, it's kept warm inside when it's cold out. Fans help with noise masking and keeping bathrooms dry


Shared simple kitchen for food storage and basic prep
Coffee, tea & pancake supplies provided
A small number of guests use it a lot, but most eat downtown
Let us know if you plan on cooking, & what will be needed


All rooms accommodate 1 to 2 guests
Available online in advance only
Not appropriate for groups due to neighbors and sleeping guests


Central business district
Walk to any downtown location in less than 11 minutes
10 breweries from 1 to 3 blocks
Quiet residential neighborhood
Live camera feed


Free separate high-speed WiFi connections
One from Skyrunner who are literally across the street
The other is from the cable company
Free Linux and Windows computer access


Free if parking and walking downtown (recommended)
Paid parking nearby if driving often
We have a spot for long vehicles with trailer

Tiny House

This is a very small separate building
Our only room with its own bathroom
Tiny House guests have main building access
3+ night minimum